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OK. Am reading yet another - actually quite excellent - Stargate 'Atlantis claims independence' fanfiction and am struck yet again by one of the most moronic tropes ever, that way too many writers use, i.e. they run out of coffee.

Why does it never seem to occur to them that coffee is not actually a product that is spontaneously produced, but is actually a plant that grows?

That any sensible colonist or expedition supply officer would take seeds with them?

Coffee is a bit fiddly to germinate, but I'm a certified black thumb and I managed it myself in a London climate by doing it indoors on a windowsill under a plastic Coke bottle. It even got to 2 foot high before I went away on holiday and forgot to get it watered and it died. Any half-decent biologist could grow it. Parrish or Katie could do it in their sleep.

Sure, you don't want to introduce new plants into an ecosystem, but the city would of necessity have greenhouses, and that is an enclosed ecosystem. Not a problem.

So - please, please, please - if you are about to write Atlantis fanfic that's set after the first year and reconnection with Earth - use your logic!

Coffea arabica.

Definitely one of the most important seeds (along with Camellia sinensis) to add to your expedition's survival packs.
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Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2012 is a good one for you. Here's a couple of Weiss Kreuz drabbles to break in the new year:


Sally and the children come back to the hotel to find their bags packed. At Sally’s white-faced expression Jei flicks a look towards the twins, says,
“Crawford declares Ireland’s won all the medals we’re getting. Thought we’d go home early, visit your nana on the way.”
Sally nods in understanding.


The week before, Nagi receives an email:
“Rimouski meeting actually surprise birthday party. Blasting your minions through the walls would be ill-advised overreaction. Happy 30th.”


The television clicks off, amidst election-result hysteria.
“Told you so.”
Schuldig sneers.
“Brad, someone with the precognition of a lead brick could have called that one.”

1. London 2012 Olympics. Perfect terrorist attack target. eep.
2. Nagi turns 30 in 2012 according to canon. I doubt he’s pleased about it.
3. 2012 US Presidential elections.

Per Annum

New Year’s Eve they both have different traditions.

Crawford collects papers - brochures, catalogues, printouts - of upcoming important world events. He spends the day shuffling them hand-to-hand, slip-sliding them under his fingertips, casting his Talent further and further outward, a net to trap elusive fish. By daybreak and the dawn of a new annum, he knows the shape of his expectations for this next year.

Schuldig goes out to a random bar, fucks a random stranger, and gets completely hammered to celebrate surviving the year just past.

New Year’s Day however, they both share the misery of a debilitating headache.

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Just wanted to say "Good Luck!" to all you wild crazy people out there gunning for another - or your first - gong in the NaNoWriMo marathon.

I look forward to reading the fruits of your seriously insane amounts of, oops, must encourage! labour however big or small they may be.

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It is illegal to have a smoking domestic fire in London (that is, a lit fire in a fireplace that emits smoke).

This is why London no longer gets the dense 'pea soup' smogs (which I think are mentioned a couple of times in the original Sherlock Holmes stories). They were caused by the smoke from wood and coal fires, and the pollution led to so many deaths that in the late 50s that type of domestic heating was outlawed. I remember my father saying he got lost in a peasouper when he first arrived in London in the very early 60s, but by the mid-60s they were no longer happening.

When you rent a flat, old chimneys are blocked up and often the fireplace is plastered over, and new housing is built without fireplaces. Heaters or liquid-filled radiators (or in some lucky cases like mine, underfloor heating) which are run by gas or electric is used instead. You can burn other non-smoking fuels such as coke or oil, but they tend to be expensive both fuel and appliance-wise, so aren't common.

So I am afraid that having a lit (smoke-emitting) fire in the flat at Baker Street might sound homey or romantic, but would be glaringly incorrect.
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For: [ profile] enigel
Title: Stones & Stars
Fandom: Highlander/Sandman
Characters: Methos, Dream
Prompt: Highlander/Sandman, Methos & Morpheus, stars and stones
Rating: G
Thanks: To [ profile] daegaer for the super beta!

Stones & Stars )
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After a long, long hiatus, another piece of Weiss Kreuz fic.

This was written for [ profile] dhaunea for the Weiss Day Fic Exchange. My prompt was "Schuldig, Farfarello, teammates", and whilst they're obviously good mates by the time of Kapitel, it occurred to me it would be interesting to explore the origins of their friendship, as I couldn't honestly see them hitting it off right off the bat (YMMV of course!). Anyway, hope you enjoy...

Title: Schöne Freundschaft (Beautiful Friendship)
Author: Tosca [ profile] toscas_kiss
Rating: PG-13
Series: A couple of years after Was Sie Benötigen in the Schnapschüsse series.
Prompt: Schuldig, Farfarello. Team mates.
Notes: Pre-Kapitel. *Mental speech in-between asterisks.* German translations can be found at the end.
Thank you's: to [ profile] daegaer and [ profile] ladyganesh, who very kindly betaed this for me. :-)

Schöne Freundschaft )
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So after a hiatus of 14 months I am finally writing again.

Here is my first effort, a piece of James Bond fic set pre-"Casino Royale". This was very kindly beta-ed by [ profile] daegaer and [ profile] snowballjane - thanks guys!

This is the first in my set of 'General Cliché' fanfics for [ profile] 10_cliche_fics, where I claimed James Bond/Villiers, M's Chief of Staff/Aide (table here). We never actually learn Villiers's first name and sadly he won't be in any more Bond films (if you think the actor looks familiar, Tobias Menzies also played Brutus in "Rome"), but there will obviously be more Bond/Villiers goodness from me however, so I guess I'll eventually have to decide on one for him.

Anyway, on with the fic...

Title: Sexbomb
Author: Tosca ([ profile] toscas_kiss)
Rating: PG
Prompt: What goes around comes around
Disclaimer: Somewhere in the multiverse they belong to me, just not in this particular dimension. Here, they belong to Danjaq LLC, United Artists Corporation & Eon Productions.

Sexbomb )

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I just realised I completely forgot to post my [ profile] yuletide story! So here it is. Written for Icey, it's Viewfinder (aka Finder no Hyouteki), and an NC-17 Asami/Takaba PWP.

Title: Onsen
Summary: Takaba wins a free weekend at an exclusive hot spring hotel (onsen) - or does he?
Warning! Rough sex, of slightly dubious consent (though to be honest, I'm not sure you need to warn people of that if it's Viewfinder - it kinda goes without saying!).
ETA: Plus many many thanks to [ profile] daegaer and [ profile] louiselux for beta-ing an unknown fandom! Any mistakes left are mine.

Click here for teh pr0n. . . )
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Link: Writing Believable Dialogue by Glenn Patterson

A very useful article, courtesy of the feed from pbackwriter, who also has a very good example of how to get from flat 'n boring brief character interaction to believable dialogue.


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