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Written for Viewfinder's [ profile] vf_scribbles Drabble Challenge 2A "Guilt":

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For the [ profile] wk_100 'Secrets and Lies' challenge:

Hidden treasure

"Tell us! Where is it?" Ken's captor twists his arm further up behind his back, weight crushing Ken into the carpet, rough fibres rugburning his face.

Ken desperately wills Aya to return, right now. He’s relying on him for a rescue.

“We’ve played nice so far,” his captor’s accomplice finally speaks, “You wouldn’t want us to get unpleasant, would you?” The accompanying smile is sweet, insincere and chilling.

“Just tell us where it is.”

Ken breathes in deeply. Strengthens his resolve. He doesn’t care what they do. He isn’t telling Yohji and Omi where his stash of Godiva chocolate is.
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Viewfinder drabble for [ profile] vf_scribbles "Going Home" challenge:

Finally Going Home

“So, tomorrow,” Chun muses through a cloud of cigarette smoke, “Finally going home, huh.”

Fei doesn’t dignify the remark with a response, just watches grey tendrils wreath upward across dirt-grimed brick, blocking out his cellmate’s idle chatter about his own plans upon release.

Fei knows where he’s going; that big, white house, empty now for these past two years. No more Father. No more Brother. Just himself, and the echoes of gunshots and madness and betrayal. A new cage, with himself as king spider, spinning alone at the centre of the web.

No, he won’t ever be going home again.


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