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So it's just as well I have a hardon for my iPhone, or I would so be first in line for this:

OK, not the most adult of phones, but y'know, I'll worry about things like that when I grow up.

₤97.54 for a dual band GSM phone with standard features including a 1.5″ LCD, a camera, an FM player and memory expandability via a transflash card. Gakked from Chip Chick.
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To make a dogawful pun, this made me piss myself laughing:

Sure to give young lads a life-long abhorrence for pink: the
Hello Kitty Urinal Target
Found on
toscas_kiss: Tosca's Kiss Steampunk Kiss (Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill! Kill!)
All my deepest fantasies finally merge together - after work I can now mow down all those obnoxious %*&£% commuters at Paddington Station with... a Hello Kitty Assault Rifle!

"The perfect gift for the young lady of the house. Please note the note the hand-crocheted shoulder-stock muffler and the anodized titanium plating.

This fully functional firearm fires standard 7.62mm 125 or 150 grain ammunition with a muzzle velocity of approximately 710 meters per second and a maximum effective range of approximately 300 meters. Several choices in stock wood are available.

With a limited run of only 500, buy now before they're gone! A mere $100 extra includes Glambo's signature wood-burnt into the opposite side of the handguard."

A bargain at only $1072.95 from

NB: Yes, I am joking. And yes, the gun really is real.


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