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With all the kerfuffle with LJ I am probably going to delete my LJ account and make my home on my toscas_kiss Dreamwidth account (who knows, I may remember to update every now and then!). 

All my old posts and therefore fiction, is migrated over however if anyone was looking to reread. 
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Happy New Year everyone! Hope 2012 is a good one for you. Here's a couple of Weiss Kreuz drabbles to break in the new year:


Sally and the children come back to the hotel to find their bags packed. At Sally’s white-faced expression Jei flicks a look towards the twins, says,
“Crawford declares Ireland’s won all the medals we’re getting. Thought we’d go home early, visit your nana on the way.”
Sally nods in understanding.


The week before, Nagi receives an email:
“Rimouski meeting actually surprise birthday party. Blasting your minions through the walls would be ill-advised overreaction. Happy 30th.”


The television clicks off, amidst election-result hysteria.
“Told you so.”
Schuldig sneers.
“Brad, someone with the precognition of a lead brick could have called that one.”

1. London 2012 Olympics. Perfect terrorist attack target. eep.
2. Nagi turns 30 in 2012 according to canon. I doubt he’s pleased about it.
3. 2012 US Presidential elections.

Per Annum

New Year’s Eve they both have different traditions.

Crawford collects papers - brochures, catalogues, printouts - of upcoming important world events. He spends the day shuffling them hand-to-hand, slip-sliding them under his fingertips, casting his Talent further and further outward, a net to trap elusive fish. By daybreak and the dawn of a new annum, he knows the shape of his expectations for this next year.

Schuldig goes out to a random bar, fucks a random stranger, and gets completely hammered to celebrate surviving the year just past.

New Year’s Day however, they both share the misery of a debilitating headache.

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Title: Unwelcome Visitors
Author: toscas_kiss
Characters: Crawford, Schuldig
Fandoms: Weiss Kreuz, Surprise
Rating: PG for swearing
Disclaimer: Somewhere in the multiverse they belong to me, just not in this particular dimension.
Notes: Written for [ profile] lady_ganesh, who requested "Crawford and Schuldig, 'the worst idea you've ever had'". Sorry it took so long but I got there eventually!

Unwelcome Visitors  )
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My Yuletide present this year was Information Received, a lovely little James Bond office story with Bond and Villiers, courtesy of girl_called_sun. Thank you again for my Yuletide gift.

My own contribution this year was for miss_elizabeth, in the The Mummy film series fandom, and was an afternoon of discoveries (danger, romance, etc) for Evie, Rick and Jonathan, set in the Carnavan's parents' attic back in England:

Past and Future
(The Mummy Series, Teen & Up, Rick/Evelyn, Jonathan)

I was having terrible trouble thinking up a name for the story that wasn't either a. misleading or b. giving the plot away entirely, so I just slapped the moniker "Past and Future" on it. It wasn't until the day after that I realized I'd committed a horrible scribal faux pas; my previous year's Yuletide story was called "Of Events Past and Future"! [blush]

Next year, expect to see a story entitled, "Future".
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For: [ profile] enigel
Title: Stones & Stars
Fandom: Highlander/Sandman
Characters: Methos, Dream
Prompt: Highlander/Sandman, Methos & Morpheus, stars and stones
Rating: G
Thanks: To [ profile] daegaer for the super beta!

Stones & Stars )
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Squeefest is in a month - I'm looking forward to it greatly. There's usually lots of great writing inspiration. My writing muscles are somewhat atrophied however, so to get back into the groove I'm taking prompts to scrawl a sentencefic, drabble or ficlet.

Any fandom with optional character/pairing (from my Interests), and a prompt.
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After another long dry spell, finally some more fic...

Title: Motherless Child
Author: Tosca [[ profile] toscas_kiss]
Fandom: James Bond
Characters: Bond/Villiers
Warning! NC-17 for sex, language and distressing imagery of mass death.
Disclaimer: Somewhere in the multiverse they belong to me, just not in this particular dimension. Here, they belong to Danjaq LLC, United Artists Corporation & Eon Productions.
Notes: 2,224 words. Second in my set of General Cliché Fanfics for [ profile] 10_cliche_fics, where I claimed James Bond/Villiers, M's Chief of Staff/Aide. And like Sexbomb, the title and inspiration comes from a Tom Jones song (but no, this is not a songfic or a sequel).
XPost: To [ profile] bond_slash
Thanks: To the most excellent [ profile] daegaer for the beta.

Prompt: The darkest hour is just before the dawn.

Motherless Child

Sometimes I feel like a motherless child - a long, long way from home. )
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After talking with [ profile] daegaer about our respective writer's block (by which I mean she wrote quite a bit of fun stuff in 2007 and I wrote zippedy-doodar, fun or otherwise), I have decided to make an effort to write this year. I already have a claim on [ profile] fanfic100 for Brad Crawford/Schuldig of Weiß Kreuz which has been going very, very poorly. I'm going to try and wade through some more of it and have enrolled in [ profile] weissday, so that's a start.

I'm also making a claim in the much smaller [ profile] 10_cliche_fics and trying out a new fandom - James Bond. And what's more, James Bond with Villiers, M's Chief of Staff (the same actor also played Brutus in Rome). Yes, as rare as blue steak, but it should be fun I think (and hopefully someone will actually want to read it). I'm going for the Table 3: Generic Clichés option:

The darkest hour is just before the dawnWhat doesn't kill you, makes you strongerNo time like the present
. . .
Every rose has its thornBetter late than neverWhat goes around comes around
. . .
All's fair in love and warAll's well that ends wellNever judge a book by its cover
. . .
Time heals all wounds

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I just realised I completely forgot to post my [ profile] yuletide story! So here it is. Written for Icey, it's Viewfinder (aka Finder no Hyouteki), and an NC-17 Asami/Takaba PWP.

Title: Onsen
Summary: Takaba wins a free weekend at an exclusive hot spring hotel (onsen) - or does he?
Warning! Rough sex, of slightly dubious consent (though to be honest, I'm not sure you need to warn people of that if it's Viewfinder - it kinda goes without saying!).
ETA: Plus many many thanks to [ profile] daegaer and [ profile] louiselux for beta-ing an unknown fandom! Any mistakes left are mine.

Click here for teh pr0n. . . )


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