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Your strike has proven that yes, the Tube can operate with much fewer ticket office personnel.
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Was wandering past the UN on my NY holiday today, and look - Statues of Great Tentacle Porniness!

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Ah, the joys of public transport in London...

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Midnight has just rolled around here in New York, and it's a lovely clear Christmas morning. Wishing you all a happy holiday and all the best for 2008!
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My home wireless router has died on me! Grrr. I spent over an hour on the phone at the weekend to British Telecom Tech Support before we finally narrowed it down to machine failure. This after the usual restarting the PC, turning the router off and on, restarting the PC, resetting the router, restarting the PC, changing the filter, restarting the PC, ad nauseum.

It probably wouldn't have taken so long but the second time I rang I got a technician with a very thick Indian accent. I had to keep asking the poor guy to repeat himself, as I'm crap with understanding people with accents. Not that I don't have one myself, but an Antipodean accent is fairly innocuous (unless you happen to be Portuguese, who for some reason have huge difficulties with it I've found). Personally, economic reasons aside, I much prefer the Scottish call centres. That's a truly lovely accent to my ears.

Anyway, thank goodness I kept my old non-wireless router! So until I have the time to upgrade (which won't be for a week or so) my living room is once again live with the snakes of cables... :-P


Nov. 9th, 2007 02:02 pm
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Testing...1, 2, 3... anybody out there?

I have a new work PC and it looks like I can finally post from work again using Semagic. Yah! (of course I still can't actually log into LJ online and read private posts, or read my private email, but thems the breaks) Let's hope this access stays...

So, expect a bit more online presence from me in the future...
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Ah, a friend may listen to you whine and rant, but a true friend will send you the URLs to

What a hero!
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Ohmygod, this is hysterical:


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