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Sealand is soon to be the hot new tourist spot for 2012:


(actually, I think Prussia probably says, "Well, it's obvious that I didn't train those German and Dutch mercenaries.")

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So Space Nazis proved to be as amusing onscreen as they are in concept.

I saw "Iron Sky" tonight and thoroughly recommend it. It's been ages since I've seen a decent black comedy and this one really hit all bases - social, political, racial, gender, fashion and sexual mores all coming in for a good poking, as well as sprinkles of wit and some light dashes of situational comedy. The big 'twist' - although obvious - had myself and the rest of the audience cackling with glee. It was also worth going to see it on the big screen for the kickass battles and space effects.

A big Thumbs Up from me and I'll be buying the DVD when it's released.

ETA: In terms of stars, I'd give it 4/5.

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Yes, the Iron Sky is open again.

After the much-protested single solitary showing of the film in London, the UK distributor has bent due to demand and will now be showing Iron Sky throughout the British Empire UK and Ireland (though that does rather make you wonder if it was a PR stunt on their part).

List of screening cinemas available here

Iron Sky is a dark science fiction comedy directed by Timo Vuorensola and will feature musical score composed by Slovenian industrial musical group Laibach, and was mostly shot in in Germany and Australia. 

"In the last moments of World War II, a secret Nazi space program evaded destruction by fleeing to the Dark Side of the Moon. During 70 years of utter secrecy, the Nazis construct a gigantic space fortress with a massive armada of flying saucers.

When American astronaut James Washington (Christopher Kirby) puts down his Lunar Lander a bit too close to the secret Nazi base, the Moon Führer (Udo Kier) decides the glorious moment of retaking the Earth has arrived sooner than expected. Washington claims the mission is just a publicity stunt for the President of the United States (Stephanie Paul), but what else could the man be but a scout for the imminent attack by Earth forces? The Fourth Reich must act!

Two Nazi officers, ruthless Klaus Adler (Götz Otto) and idealistic Renate Richter (Julia Dietze), travel to Earth to prepare the invasion. In the end when the Moon Nazi UFO armada darkens the skies, ready to strike at the unprepared Earth, every man, woman and nation alike, must re-evaluate their priorities."

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Self-appointed Judge, Jury & Inciting Vigilante Executioners, Mr Spike Lee - didn't your mama ever tell you? Two wrongs don't make a right.

And that's not even taking into account you got the wrong address. Idiot.
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Just wanted to say "Good Luck!" to all you wild crazy people out there gunning for another - or your first - gong in the NaNoWriMo marathon.

I look forward to reading the fruits of your seriously insane amounts of, oops, must encourage! labour however big or small they may be.

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I have zero sympathy for dole bludgers, but it seems to me that:

New Universal Benefit (supposedly guaranteeing you will always be better off in work than on the dole; and penalising those who can work but refuse what they're offered)
Drastic Cuts to the Police Force
UK Crimewave in the 2010's

Or is that is just me being cynical?
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But especially Moronic Tourists at Paddington Station,

It is Rush Hour.

Whereas you are on holiday and having a relaxing time (though perhaps not in relation to the British Transport system), we have just spent a tiring 7 to 8 hours doing mindnumbing paperwork. We're tired, hungry and just want to get through the 1 to 2 hour journey home as easily and with as little interaction with other people as humanly possible. When you walk down the wrong side despite the fact it is obviously the wrong side, stop and gawk in a really stupid place or just plain meander, don't be suprised when half a dozen Londoners run you over or give you dirty looks.

And no, sorry to inconvenience you but
a) two solid objects cannot, in actual fact, occupy the same space at the same time, and
b) instant teleportation is not one of my super powers.

No Love,
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I swear sometimes today's fashions make me think I'm having a Bad Acid Flashback* to the '80s.

A really bad Bad Acid Flashback. And I can tell you most of it was pretty awful the first time around - I was there! I wore it! (except for the Wham! T-shirts)

* Er, if I'd ever actually done acid that was.


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